About Swudzy

What is the biggest religion in India? Many may answer Hinduism or Christianity or Islam or any such name. But they will be wrong while saying that. Because it is none other than Cinema, that is the biggest in India, with temples called as “cinema halls” all over the country spread.

Yes, sir! Those who are arguing about cricket, they may stay happy because we also feel that Cricket is a really close competitor of Cinema, but this blog ain’t about cricket. Here we talk Cinema

From the latest release to timeless classics, we will be talking about them, analyzing them and reviewing them from time to time. Not just the movies, but the trailers, the music of the movie also will be under our observance.

And when we get too routined about Cinema, which might not happen a lot, we will also love to go Off the rails.

However, this must be noted, that This page is in no way a tool to demean any movie or a person associated with that movie. We love movies and love the fact that they are being mad. Still, if any of our posts feel like hurting anyone’s sentiments, we apologize for that.

So this can be said about Swudzy that “Jab Tak Rahega Samose mein Aaloo… Teri Rahegi Ye Teri Shaloo…” and also, Swudzy will keep you updated about the movies.