Here at, we try our best to provide you all the information that is relevant and interesting. There is a vast world of movies ahead of us, which we will explore together with you. Over the period of time, we will be publishing lists, reviews, and articles under the following categories. Also one highly important stuff… “If you are looking for Celebrity Gossips, this place might not be of much help to you right now. However, if any of the categories stated under interest you. You are most welcome.

1. Movie Reviews

You saw the ad for a recently released movie and are wondering whether or not to buy tickets? Bother not for we are here to help you in your decision with all the latest movie reviews within hours of the first show ends.

2. Music Review

A new album released? Wanting to know whether or not the songs are worth buying the disk? Let us hear them and we will tell you what songs are hit and what are not so you listen only to the best ones.

3. Trailer Review

A new trailer makes a mark on the cinema halls and youtube channels. We will be the first one to analyse it and clear out what to expect from the movie and what not to expect.

4. On The Web

Web series, Short movies, Viral videos, a lot happen over three letters WWW. We spend a lot of time on the web for you. With latest web series review and a recommendation of Short Film of the week every 7 days, we are here to make your web life happy.

5. Swudzy Seven

It is tough to quantify our love for Cinema. Still, from time to time, we will be publishing lists of stuff related to Cinema, preferably Indian (Hindi, mostly) Cinema. You will surely fall in love with them if you read enough

6. Simply Swudzy

Here is our favorite part of the Swudzy life. As we have made it clear enough that we love cinema, here is where we show most of it. Essays and Articles on the legendary Movies, Movie Makers, Actors, Eras and much more will be available here periodically. Read them and make your love for movies grow.

7. Off Topic

What doesn’t go with the topic, falls off topic. Late night thoughts to Mob-rage. We are also humans just like you all to feel them. When we do feel them, here is where we put them. Keep watching.

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