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Dobara Poocho – An Initiative That Deserves To Be Shared

Over the past few years, various prominent names have come out to tell about their struggles with depression at some point in time or other. And that is a clear sign, that depression is not a rare problem. It is as common as a common cold. And the only effective solution to this problem that arises after lots and lots of studies, is Conversation. Conversations with professionals like Psychologists or Psychiatrists. But before that all, what is really required is a conversation with the loved ones.

I will not say that I personally have been in depression before. But I can say that I noticed myself change, in a negative way, with hints of depression. I talked, but everyone isn’t able to. There are multiple factors like fear of non-acceptance, that pull a person suffering from depression further away from the ray of hope.

This is where we must step in. As a friend, as a sibling, as a parent, as a teacher, as an employer, or just as a well wisher. If you see someone near you, someone you genuinely care about, with symptoms of depression. This is a humble request, please talk to them. And if they don’t respond to you at first, #DobaraPoocho. Ask again, till they feel comfortable enough to tell it to you.

A similar initiative has been taken by  Deepika Padukone‘s The Live Love Laugh Foundation. And the below-embedded video with the tagline of Dobara Poocho will say the rest.

I wouldn’t say anything further because the video says it all. It is a step in the right direction to understand mental health and strikes the right chords.  Make sure to share this video with as many people as possible to contribute to the generous cause.

Just two final words to sum up. #दोबरापूछो(Dobara Poocho)

Also, here is a video by a dear friend trying to describe depression trough brilliant use of words.

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