HAPPY BHAG JAYEGI Movie Review – Full of Genuine Humor

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A few weeks back, Anand L Rai and Eros International released the trailer of Happy Bhaag Jayegi and we couldn’t stop laughing with the trailer. And since the trailer gave us such a good time, we expected a lot from the movie itself. And to our satisfaction, the movie lives up to the expectations. Even though it has some minor and major flaws, the movie is a laugh riot nevertheless. Read the full Happy Bhag Jayegi Movie Review here.

About Happy Bhag Jayegi

Happy Bhag Jayegi is a Hindi comedy movie written and directed by Mudassar Aziz. The movie is produced by Tanu Weds Manu and Ranjhana fame Anand L. Rai(Colour Yellow Productions) along with Krishika Lulla(Eros International). It features Cocktail fame Diana Penty in the title character of Happy along with Abhay Deol, Ali Fazal, Jimmy Sheirgill, Momal Sheikh, Kanwaljit Singh, Jawed Sheikh and Piyush Mishra.


Happy(Diana Penty) is a Punjabi girl from Amritsar who is about to be married to Daman Singh Bagga(Jimmy Sheirgill). Guddu(Ali Fazal) and Happy love each other and are set to elope. But, Happy accidentally jumps into a different truck than as decided and reaches Lahore, Pakistan with the consignment of fruits delivered to Bilal Ahmed(Abhay Deol)’s house. Bilal’s father is a reputed politician in Lahore wishes to make Bilal the next Jinnah. Bilal, on the other hand, wanted to be a cricketer.

On seeing Happy, Bilal decides to get her deported but Happy stops him and threatens to defame him and his family as if deported, she will have to marry Bagga. Bilal, with assistance from his fiance, Zoya(Momal Sheikh), and a Pakistani cop Usman Afridi(Piyush Mishra) plans to bring Guddu to Pakistan, get them married and deport Happy along with Guddu. Meanwhile, Bagga captures Guddu. Bilal somehow manages to take Guddu but Bagga comes to know the reality and follows them.

Amidst all the made up stories, interwoven lies, and rush of the events, Bilal develops feelings for Happy.

Watch the trailer of Happy Bhag Jayegi here.

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues

The movie kicks off brilliantly by introducing all the characters minimally but effectively. There is a clear indication from the first few dialogues itself that the movie is going to take humor as a serious business and there are going to be multiple gags on the India-Pakistan relationship. The story of Happy is well woven and even though we knew the final outcome, the plot gave enough ‘Damn’ moments.

The screenplay was on a slightly less competent tone as it did not completely manage to amaze. There were a few illogical aspects in the script that could have been rectified but did not leave a major vent in the overall objective of the movie.

The primary characters apart from Happy and Bilal could have been explored more. However, these two have enough depth to engage the story. The character of Happy does not appear on the screen for even 40 percent of the movie but is present throughout as the channeling force of events. Bilal’s conflict of decision making looked like and underexplored and forced aspect. Zoya’s character had a lot of potential that is only hinted and never fully touched upon. However, the cake in the movie was the character of Usman Afridi, a cop who has a strict feeling towards India and constantly wished that the good Indian talents and attractions belonged to Pakistan.

The dialogues of the movie are the primary factor that binds the audience to the screen and often almost pushes them from their chairs laughing. There are many genuinely laughable lines and reactions which induce sprees of laughter. The emotional scenes did not have much imact though.


Starting from the lead cast, Diana Penty has the quirks and the charm that was required for Happy. She portrayed the character with life and appears believable. However, at many places, her work in the ADR does not match well with the face, but that might not be her fault. Abhay Deol puts forward another natural performance with subtle brilliance. Ali Fazal does what was possible with his character and manages to appeal with his performance. The movie does not give enough for Momul but she exhibits potential of a good performer. Jimmy Sheirgill once again puts a fine act, but at most times looks like repeating some of his past performances. Probably it was the character. The main limelight, however, was Piyush Mishra. He brings in his very own stuttery style of dialogue delivery and entertains every second of his screentime. A performance to remember for a long time.


The music of the movie is peppy and has a refreshing feel. The theme track ‘Happy Oye‘ is a major player for the character of Happy.Yaaram‘ is a track that seems to touch upon the soft corners of the characters and situationally is quite good. However, the trumps in this album are ‘Zara si Dosti‘ and above it ‘Aashiq Tera‘, with the latter stuck in my head as I write this review. ‘Gabru Ready to Mingle Hai‘ is a promotional song and has no link to the actual movie except for the end credits. Sohail Sen finds a good note but it does not appear to match the movie completely. However, the director Mudassar Aziz has penned down some awesome lyrics for the songs. Overall a good effort in music.


Happy Bhag Jayegi is Mudassar Aziz’s second directorial venture and even though he appears after 6 years since his last movie, he looks in form. He has successfully managed to extract commendable performances from most of the aspects of the movie along with donning several hats himself. However, his decision of playing multiple roles seems to affect the movie as it falls behind on the screenplay and flawed character developments(except Happy, Bilal and Usman Afridi). If we keep those aside, it is a positive effort on the director’s part.


To conclude the review, I must mention that the movie is thoroughly enjoyable throughout its runtime. The first half to be specific is a laugh riot. The second half slows down a bit but picks up to give a fine end. The climax looked flawed but the overall impact of the movie is a positive one. A good watch this weekend. We recommend it. Happy Bhag Jayegi is a value for money you will spend.

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