JAI GANGAAJAL Review: Precise Cinema & Entertainment

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There were whistles, there were Claps. There was Laughter and there were perfect silences. It is difficult to find a movie that contains all of these in itself within a span of 2/2.5 hours. Prakash Jha’s Jai Gangaajal manages to contain the same multiple times in both the halves.

Jai Gangaajal is actively sponsored by ABP News, RIN Detergent, and Ilaichi(unknown brand)for a major chunk of the first half and also features a “Suicide Tree” in a major uncredited role.

The movie had great expectations from it since it had the name of the fan-favorite ‘Gangaajal’ also directed by Jha. Also, the association of Priyanka Chopra made the movie even more awaited and a top notch performance was expected from her. Did the movie manage to live up to the expectations? Read below.

About Jai Gangaajal

Jai Gangaajal is the latest movie written and directed by Prakash Jha, produced by Jha and Milind Dabke. Jha also stars in a prominent role in the movie, along with names like Priyanka Chopra, Manav Kaul, Ninad Kamat, Murli Sharma, and Rahul Bhat.

The story revolves around the Politics and Law & Order of the Bankepur/Bankipur District where just like any other police drama, the politicians control the police force for extensive money making. Circle Officer BN Singh (Jha) is a trusted pawn in the hands of MLA Bablu Pandey(Manav), and his brother, businessman Dablu Pandey(Ninad). Currently, he is working for them to obtain the land from villagers for a major power plant, which will also raise fund for the upcoming elections. Abha Mathur(Priyanka) is posted as the SP of the district. Meanwhile, Elections are announced, and hence, despite resistance from the MLA and his associates, Abha cannot be transferred elsewhere till the elections.

Watch the trailer here


Priyanka Chopra does a decent job in her role but isn’t satisfying to the expectations that the trailers raised. Manav Kaul amazes yet again and shows that he has great potential. Ninad Kamat is a treat to watch. Rahul Bhat is just decent. Murli Sharma as Munna Mardani is hilarious. However, the star of the movie for us was none other than the debutant ‘Prakash Jha’ who surprises with his marvelous acting throughout the movie.

Story and Screenplay

The story could have turned the movie into ‘Just Another Police Drama‘ but Prakash Jha’s expertise make it an intriguing tale of interesting characters. The dialogues of the movie are applaudable, hootable and whistleable. There are multiple moments where you may jump on your seat with excitement. The fluid screenplay adds to the beauty of the movie.


The Action by Sham Kaushal is worth watching. He is one of the action masters, who designs action scenes with realisticity and according to the movie. Here also, he does just what he does. Scenes with Priyanka Chopra making Manav Kaul Struggle, and Prakash Jha bashing up Ninad Kamat are the favorites. Also, not to forget the scene where BN Singh is beaten on the roads by MLA Bablu Pandey.


The music of the movie is perhaps one of the best Music in any Action Movie. It aligns up just beside likes of Gangs of Wasseypur. Salim-Sulaiman are exceptional in the movie with tracks like Tetua, Maya Thagni, Ghanghor Ghana Ghan, Joganiya adding to the storytelling at crucial moments.


The movie is crisply edited and well paced. Especially the action scenes are edited with required precision for an action movie like this.


The first half of the movie is a gem of a movie-making by Prakash Jha. The movie does slow down in the second half but catches up towards the climax. It can easily be said that Prakash Jha played all his parts with perfect precision.


The movie is a must watch and is one of the best movies of the year so far, giving tough competition to Neerja and Aligarh.

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Do you agree with our review? Do you think there was something that we did not mention in the review? Head down and tell us in the comments section.

Niket is a Professional Copywriter, A Beginner Filmmaker, A Hobbyist Writer, Lyricist, Poet, a Passionate Movie Lover, A Podcaster and A Struggling Entrepreneur. He Creates Content Regularly for 98.3 Mirchi Bhopal, Swudzy, Kalaeco, Hustlepuff and his own Website.
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