He is trapped in his house due to the lockdown. He cannot get out. He cannot live his usual life. He cannot go to his family. He is all alone. This short movie has been shot in a single location, with a crew that lives in the same house (basically two brothers). The idea, the…

Valentine’s Day

The day of love is here. The world is celebrating love and so is he. He sits and waits for his beloved. But what if she doesn’t show up? Follow him through his day, the Valentine’s Day.


How far one can go in love being silent? when everyone can’t feel the emotions behind it. This Valentine, we are bringing you a story that would resonate with each one of you. A story of broken promises, silent love, shattered dreams and never ending agony. Be ready to dive in the ocean of emotions…


It is the day Amar(Ayushmaan Bakshi) had been waiting for. It is the day when he finally meets ‘her’. And so, he sets out towards his destination, where Jeeva(Ashi Malviya) is waiting for him.


Anuj is a high school student whose board results are due to be announced on the same day of his brother’s wedding. Among the immense pressure of keeping up with the pressure of relatives’ and his own expectations, he sees his result. Unhappy with his performance, he panics and has a thought of committing suicide.