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Short of The Week: ‘The Clock’ By Krishan Hooda

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Not many filmmakers opt to tell a story the unconventional way. But Krishan Hooda did so, and with utter brilliance. The complete movie tells a story with the help of just sounds and a single object focussed on the screen – ‘The Clock‘. Read more about the short of this week below.

About The Clock

The clock is a 6-minute short movie written and directed by Krishan Hooda. It features a clock as the central character of the movie which dictates the story. The other job of this movie is done through dialogues, which are said off screen. These dialogues are voiced by Sukanth Goyal and Sarika Singh. The  movie is produced by Red Track Productions and was published on the official YouTube handle of Humaramovie.


The story of the movie revolves around a couple who have been married for a while now. Their life has turned into a routine and this routine here is portrayed through a clock that is kept on a table throughout the movie.

Why to Watch?

Did we not stress this already? The movie just shows a single clock throughout the span. And also tells a story effectively. What also makes the movie worth watching is the amazing sound design by Rameez K. Zubair. It was an essential aspect of the movie and is taken due care of.

Watch the movie right here.

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