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Short of The Week: ‘A Proposal’ by Vasudev Keluskar

What happens when love crosses all boundaries of sanity? What happens when you care about someone so much that you almost forget the other person doesn’t care? What happens when you impose a “one-sided love” on someone? What happens when someone just doesn’t even know how to accept a rejection? This movie sums up all this and a lot more in itself. Read more about ‘A Proposal’ below.

About A Proposal

A Proposal is a 14-minute short movie written and directed by Vasudev Keluskar. It features Manish Gandhi and Sayani Gupta(‘Margarita with a Straw’ fame) in primary roles. The film is published on the official channel of Pocket Films.


The short is set in an eatery where The girl (Sayani) enters and the boy (Manish) is waiting for her. We find out that the boy has called her and wants to convince her to accept her relationship proposal. The girl clearly is not into him, but he doesn’t want to accept that. He tries all types of arguments to convince the girl. Things go ugly when he takes out a bottle of acid and threatens the girl that if she doesn’t accept his proposal, he will throw it on her face. How the girl tackles with it? Watch the movie below.

Why to Watch?

While the sound recording in the movie is a bit shabby, the writing by Vasudev Keluskar is the star in the movie. The progression of the story, the ‘Oh Shit‘ moments, the perfect dialogues, all makes the movie a complete package of marvel writing. And yeah! we almost forgot to mention, the movie is set only in a single conversation(our personal favorite way of storytelling). What adds to the beauty of the movie is impeccable acting by both the actors. Manish is so believable as the desperate lover, that you feel threatened by his eyes. Sayani handles the complexity of the situation her character is in, with complete believability.

Watch this piece of brilliant writing right now here.

Did you like this short film recommended by Swudzy? What was your favorite moment from the movie? Head down to the comments and let us know.

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