From “Zindagi Lambi Nahi Badi Honi Chahye” to “Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost”, Indian Cinema has painted our lives with vibrant hues of entertainment. While the thriving industry has witnessed, critiques lined in queues to condemn fabricate the flaws, too less has been written to appreciate it. Swudzy is a platform to appreciate the charms of Cinema and applaud good performances. The aim is to pave the way for good cinema and uplift the best of talents to do better. Feel free to share your love and appreciation with the stars to make them shine brighter

हम जब टिकट लाइन में लगते हैं ,

Film वहीँ Housefull हो जाती है

(Sajid Khan/Sajid-Farhad वाली नहीं)

चीते की चाल,
बाज़ की नज़र,
और Swudzy के Cine-प्रेम पर

कभी संदेह नहीं करते...

#पाप लगता है...

More than often Cinema has left us fulfilled and yearning for more at the same time.

 From the love for Raj to the pain of Devdas, from the wildness of Khilji to the passion of Sehmat, characters have amazed us and had has glued to the screen. 

The feeling of satisfaction derived has left our hearts content. Movies haven planted emotions in the most barren of hearts and made us happy, we have laughed, loved and cried with the characters in the movies. 

It is time to return the love in a form of token of appreciation. Join us, feel free to send your hearts out laced in beautiful words. 

From the latest release to timeless classics, we will be talking about them, analyzing them and reviewing them from time to time


While there are good movies, we cannot get enough of them. So we frequently make movies of our own to contribute the drops into the ocean of Cinema.

We think we are pretty decent, But it is you who are the best judge. Do let us know how we fare.

Swudzy invites you to join us in this wave and wet yourself in this happy vibe

जब तक रहेगा समोसे में आलू...
तेरी रहेगी वो तेरी शालू...

And All of Us Will Keep Loving Cinema...

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