Are you a creative mind and are looking for a channel to showcase your talent?You are at the right place. We at Swudzy Studios are dedicated to creating new and awesome cinematic content. And we will really appreciate talents like yours in our team. Channel your inner creative talent into making meaningful short movies and web shows with us.

Benefits of The Creators Program


No Joining Fee

The program does not cost a single paisa to join. We believe that the creators should be rewarded for their talents and not fined.

Earning Opportunities

The program not only free to join, but also brings along lucrative remuneration for the work that you put in. The amount of remuneration will vary from project to project.

Not only our own projects, we promote the talents associated with us towards opportunities from projects from our partners, ad films, etc.

No Experience Required

We do not ask for a previous experience. Freshers as well as seasoned professionals, all are a part of our team.

The only thing you need to bring with you is talent and potential. Any and all experience is secondary to it.

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Work From Home

For vocations like writing, music, etc., you do not have to be on the location every time. You can co-ordinate with the project director via message, chats, call and so forth.

This will effectively remove the location barrier in the creative process of filmmaking.

Like-Minded Team

We at Swudzy Studios aim to bring together people who have immense love for cinema and all aspects of it, just like we do. So it is a given, that you will meet many like-minded people.

This not only makes the work easier, but also brings an opportunity to network. Which, as you already know, is a much required skill in this field of business.

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Apart from the obvious credits in the project that you work on, you will also get your profile listed on the Artist Showcase.

Lots and Lots of Fun in the Making

Working with Swudzy Studios is nothing less than a fun ride. While creating a movie with full sincerity and serious effort, the process has always been a memorable one for all the team members.

We expect to maintain this tradition of ours and have fun at making of all our future projects too.


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