Ashi Malviya

Ashi Malviya

Ashi is a trained dancer and stage actor from Bhopal, She has performed as a dancer on International platforms across various cities. She has worked for theatre groups like Nat Bundele, and has featured on National Television as an actor and anchor. She also teaches Dance and Self Defence in Bhopal and also works as…

Pooja Malviya

Pooja is a meticulous actor who has been performing stage plays with organisations like Trikarshi. She has acted along side many famous names like Late Shri Om Puri. She made her first appearance for Swudzy in JUMP where she plays the energetic reporter Natasha. She was heavily praised for her portrayal in the movie.

Sahil Khan

Sahil is an experienced theatre actor from Bhopal and has been affiliated to theatre groups like Trikarshi, *, etc, He also started a theatre group ‘Kaafilaa’ in association with Ansh Happiness Society, He made his first Swudzy appearance in the short movie JUMP where he played the central role of Anuj. He is also a…

Pradumn R. Chourey

इनके लेखन की शुरुआत नज़्मों से हुई और धीरे-धीरे अफ़सानों और ग़ज़लों तक पहुंची। यह कहते हुए अजीब लगता है किंतु सत्य है के एक मजबूरी के चलते इन्होने अपने जीवन की पहली नज़्म लिखी थी। लेकिन आज लेखन इनकी आदत में है। पत्र-पत्रिकाओं में लिखते रहने के साथ-साथ कुछ शॉर्ट-फिल्म्स, एड्स एवं गीत भी…

Ayushmaan Bakshi

Ayushmaan is a musician from Bhopal who frequently collaborates with bands like Four Frets. He is a trained Audio Engineer and a practicing editor. He first appeared in Manzil out of goodwill and persuasion by Niket. He was appreciated by audiences for his portrayal of Amar, especially his deep voice in the poem overlays.

Aadya Dube

Aadya Dube

If you have ever seen a brightly burning flame which threatens to devour you, you have seen Aadya Dube in her real form. Aadya does not hold back from doing what she wants to. She comes with a caution to handle with care.

Vipul Singh ‘Tapas’

Also known as Ghumantu Kalakar, Vipul Singh ‘Tapas’ is a street play performer. He is widely known in various cities of the country for his activism and solo street play performances. He himself is a playwright and an actor. He played the crucial role of the ‘Dhol wala’ in JUMP portraying the inner emotions of…