BAAGHI Movie Review: It’s Raining Action Scenes

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We loved what Sabbir did along with Tiger Shroff in Heropanti. We loved every bit of it. Even though it wasn’t perfect, we loved it. And when we heard that the almost the full team of Heropanti is back for Baaghi. we were super duper excited. However, our excitement was short lived as after watching the movie, we regret it, to a great extent. Heavy disappointment. Read the complete Baaghi Review below.

About Baaghi

Baaghi is an action thriller movie starring Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu, Sunil Grover, Sanjay Mishra and others. The movie is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and UTV Motion Pictures. It is directed by Sabbir Khan.


The movie revolves around Ronnie(Tiger) who is sent to a martial arts academy by his father. The master at the academy, who is a friend of Ronnie’s father, decides to channel the rebellious nature of Ronnie through rigorous training. Raghav (Sudheer Babu) is a wealthy influential man from Bangkok who happens to have an army of his own. Raghav is master’s son and visits the academy for a boat race. Both Ronnie and Raghav happen to fall for the same girl Sia(Shraddha), on their way to the academy. While Shraddha reciprocates the feelings towards Ronnie, Raghav resorts to his power to woo Sia, by bribing his father, PP Khurana(Sunil). What follows is a series of action scenes, some of which feel unwanted for the situation. The master is killed by his own son. Raghav also decides to frame Ronnie along with Khurana’s help. A misunderstanding is forced between Sia and Ronnie and they both are separated. Months later, Raghav abducts Sia for some reason and Khurana approaches Ronnie to rescue her. Another series of action scenes follow, and it must not feel like a spoiler, but Raghav is killed by Ronnie and Sia is successfully rescued.

Take a look at the trailer for this movie.

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues

The story had a great potential, but apparently the writers decided to mix up a lot of elements to raise the emotional value, which was highly unsuccessful. We are here talking about the little lecture by the master to Ronnie about Kalaripayattu being the oldest form of martial art and Shaolin originating from it, and the same stuff paying off at the end where Tiger fights a Chinese fighter. This patriotism looked oddly forced. Also, the story angle involving Ronnie and the master is not properly handled. It was supposed to be the catalyst of the movie but nearly missed. Also, many characters like a sidekick and a little dumb boy are introduced which do not pay off in the end and prove irrelevant to the plot.

Speaking about the dialogues, there are no flashy dialogues in this movie, unlike Heropanti. Many dialogues do not make much sense. The screenplay also is quite loose. For example, the reason why Raghav abducts Sia is undisclosed. All we get to know is that Khurana was supporting Raghav in the flashback, and in the present, he is placing his bet on Ronnie to rescue Sia. No prior interaction is shown where Sia is either disgusted or unhappy with Raghav. Why did he abduct her? No idea.

Apart from the interactions between the master and Ronnie, the title also does not make any sense, as there is nothing for the characters to rebel against, or perhaps our definition of rebel differs a lot from the makers of this movie.


The lead cast looks pale and unimpressive. Sudheer Babu impresses in first half hour of the movie and then fades away. Tiger looks uncomfortable in the movie except the action scenes. Shraddha seemed to be a misfit too. However, the supporting cast deserves all the praises. The master, who resembles Mohabbatein’s Narayan Shankar a lot is effortless. He suited the role completely, probably because he himself is a trained martial artist.

Sunil Grover shows his acting abilities in this movie, and for a change, we missed his humour in this movie. His role has more of a gray tone and isn’t as funny as his previous outing in Heropanti, or his TV appearances. We loved him nonetheless. Sanjay Mishra stole not just the screen but the complete movie by his role as the cab driver Hanuman who is blind and drives on the instructions of his brother in law(Sumit Gulati).

However, we did feel that a talent like Biswapati Sarkar was underutilized in this movie where he was restrained to be just a sidekick for less than 15 minutes of screentime. And we all know that guy’s caliber, if you don’t know, watch him as Arnub here.


While the action is greatly awesome, at some places you can clearly feel that scenes involving harnesses are not properly shot or edited. Many of the characters are seen jumping, kicking and falling at inhumanly slow pace. Also, apart from this inadvertent slow motion, a lot of High FPS footage has also been inserted. Apart from this, the action is fairly good.


The music of Baaghi is fairly good. Tracks like Sab Tera and Girl I Need You are pleasing to hear. ‘Cham Cham‘ has a flare to it. However, the picturizations of these songs are questionable. And also, the song placements are often forced. For instance, who would sing a song like Sab Tera when a death threat is hanging on both the primary characters’ neck? However, the makers opted to keep Let’s Talk About Love out of the movie. Comprehensively, the music is average in impact on the movie.


This is where most of the stuff goes down. The direction of the movie is loose and Sabbir Khan fails to leave an impact. One of the main reasons is the loosely built characters. After a brilliant entertainer like Heropanti, Sabbir here has taken a U-Turn to make an unengaging 2 hours 20-minute long action clip.


Baaghi is hard to love. It does not involve the audience much apart from the part involving Sanjay Mishra. The film fails at multiple feats and is reduced to a below average flick. Waiting for the Television premiere of this movie will be a better idea. The movie will leave you with more questions than answers.

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Did you watch the movie? Do you agree with this review? What points would you like to mention that we might have missed in the review? Do head down to the comments section and let us know. Also, do not forget to share this review with your friends as well.

Niket is a Professional Copywriter, A Beginner Filmmaker, A Hobbyist Writer, Lyricist, Poet, a Passionate Movie Lover, A Podcaster and A Struggling Entrepreneur. He Creates Content Regularly for 98.3 Mirchi Bhopal, Swudzy, Kalaeco, Hustlepuff and his own Website.
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