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JUMP – A Short Film on Student Suicide | By Niket

Some of you guys might be wondering why the website was not as active as it used to be during the last week. Well, for all your information, we were busy in a Swudzy.Com Original Short Film titled ‘JUMP‘. All our energies were focused on the short movie and hence, the music reviews, trailer reviews and short film recommendations were on a hold. All these will resume in regular routine from now. So guys, before we tell you any further about the short film. Watch JUMP yourselves here.

About JUMP

JUMP is the first short movie made by the Team Swudzy. It is directed by Niket and shot by Aditya Seema Kulshreshth and Karthik Nair. The film features Sahil Khan as Anuj, Pooja Malviya as Natasha, Shubham Upadhyay as Adarsh, Arun Kumar Sawlani as Vishal and Vipul Singh. The movie was uploaded by us on our YouTube channel on 31st May and has since received fairly encouraging response.


The movie is about a young boy Anuj, who has recently given exams for 12th standard and is hopeful for 95 percentage in result. The result is due on the date of his brother’s wedding and relatives are at his home with high expectations from him. To his dismay, the result is not as he expected and this sets his mind to a volatile state where he is lured by his instinct to commit suicide. Will he stop? Or Jump? Watch the movie for more.

We would love if you can watch the movie and also let us know how you felt about the movie in the comments section. We will be coming up with more such movies in the coming future and your feedback would help us improve our quality for the movie to be enjoyable to you. So yeah, Help Us Help You.

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