Zubaan Music Review : Divinity of Music, a Master Note

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Feeling Down? Feeling Lost? Feeling like there is no purpose to your life and you will keep wandering all around aimlessly?
Say no more. Get a copy of this album and listen to it.

Zubaan is by far one of the most soothing soundtracks that we have heard in the current decade. There is something refreshing about the music that just strikes you at the first instant and stays with you for a long, long time.


Most of the tracks are straight up Punjabi folk songs that have been recorded and mastered to suit the feel of the movie. A few Trance tracks with bits of Electronic and a lot of Sufi.


As mentioned earlier, most of the songs are taken from the Punjabi folk songs. However, the non-folk songs also carry freshness in the lyrics which are penned by Varun Grover. To showcase the brilliance of lyrics here is an extract from a Song ‘Dhruvtara’ which is full of trance.

Anjar manjar geeli kanjar
Sharbat seeli sanjal
Naat-naat ki raat rateli
Marham mela manjar


For a movie that boasts ‘Find Your Music’ as its Subtitle, it was important for the actual music of the movie to make an impact, and it does the same.Music of the movie is comforting. It is the ice-cube that you would want in your drink in the fiery hot day of your life.

Overall Verdict

The soundtrack will hit you in first listen and will keep building. Must have it in your playlist. Or you can even make a new one for it. It has enough tracks (11 of them).

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Personal Favorite Tracks: “Dhruvtara(Dhoop ki Zubaan)”, “Ajj Saanu O Mileya”, “Jiske Upar Tu Swami”

Agree with our view on the soundtrack? What are your favorite tracks from the album? What album would you like us to review next? Head down to the comments section below and let us know.

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