Short of the Week: ‘CUDDLY’ by Karan Shetty

It is waterproof. It has a ‘baby potty’ detector, diaper changing cabinet, 12 hours battery backup, retractable aluminium folds, and the pillow cover made of the finest cotton from Mexico. And it stands steady on sturdy trolly wheels for all terrains. What else does a baby want? Hopefully, Cuddly will answer this question for you.

About Cuddly

Cuddly is a 5:30 minute short movie directed by Karan B. Shetty and published on the YouTube channel of Terribly Tiny Talkies(TTT). It features Neena Kulkarni and Shruti Vyas as the mother and the daughter respectively.


A young working girl(Shruti) is preparing a presentation for their new product called Cuddly, which is the most premium luxury line in baby nest category. Her mother(Neena) gets curious and inquisitively tries to understand the product. She obviously sees no sense in the product and feels that the product will be a waste of money. But her daughter tries her best to explain the importance of the product. Does she understand at the end? Watch the movie to know.

Why to Watch?

The beautiful portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship by Karan is the heart, the core of the movie. The little arguments embedded in the movie makes it even more beautiful. For instance, the part where the mother insists her daughter to eat the food is extremely charming and relatable. After all, we all would have had such incidents more than once in our lives. The beautiful flow of the story, which happens all in the conversations between mother and daughter, is flawless. Editing also deserves special mention due to the impressive cut positioning.

We know this movie must have been shared somewhere around the ‘Mother’s Day’, but we couldn’t resist but share this beauty with you. Hopefully, we will share it again that day this year. Did you watch the movie yet? Watch it here.

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