Short of the Week

Weekly Recommendations of Short Movies that we at Swudzy.Com loved. It mostly includes Indian movies with Hindi as the spoken language, but may include some other regional languages, or international movies, provided that they are awesome. We also make short movies and if you are looking for those, you might want to visit our YouTube channel or the videos page on our website. Submit a Short If you want your movie to feature as the short of the week, just drop by at the Contact Us page and get in touch with us with the link of your published short movie. If you have not yet published yet, just drop a message and we will get to you for further procedure. If we like the movie, we would love to feature it on our website. And don’t you worry. There are no charges for being featured. We love good movies and love to share them with our viewers.
Khushiyon Ka Vyapari Short of The Week

Short of The Week : ‘Khushiyon Ka Vyapari’ by Heena Dsouza

–Achhe Bacche Udaas Nahin Hote… –Aur Kaun Bolta Hai Aisa?? –Khushiyon Ka Vyapaari This excerpt from the short film that we discuss today pretty much captures the feel of the entire film. First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay in the Short Film Recommendation for this week. We have been busy in …

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Qirdaar short of the week

Short of The Week: ‘Qirdaar’ By Amit Baweja

The literal meaning of the word ‘Qirdaar‘ is Character. And that is what the short film of this week describes in its duration of about 5:30 minutes. While defending the allegations on our ‘character’ we tend to counter attack on the ‘character’ of the other person. And so do the characters in the short films. …

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Short of the Week: ‘CUDDLY’ by Karan Shetty

It is waterproof. It has a ‘baby potty’ detector, diaper changing cabinet, 12 hours battery backup, retractable aluminium folds, and the pillow cover made of the finest cotton from Mexico. And it stands steady on sturdy trolly wheels for all terrains. What else does a baby want? Hopefully, Cuddly will answer this question for you. Read on.


Short of The Week : ‘Reincarnation’ by Gaurav Bakshi

How would you react if the world starts believing that you are a reincarnation of someone like Mahatma Gandhi? How would the world react when you start approving of this belief of theirs? What would you do once you find out you are nothing like what you thought of yourself until the night before? ‘Reincarnation’ …

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